Top Four Emerging work from home careers in law

Despite covid-19 hitting the economy like the biggest Hurricane the world ever witnessed the legal sector has and will further witness surplus work.An age-long conventional legal work has been going through huge changes from live streaming of proceedings of SupremeCourt, to faceless assessment of income tax done through electronic modes. The honorable Supreme Court with five and six benches is hearing more than 200 cases on a daily basis (which is comparatively low compared to normal time where 500 to 600 cases were being heard). The Indian government has set out on a journey of adoption of technology and digitization in the legal process.

This article intends to discuss the top emerging ‘work from home’ field for Lawyers which can easily be done by simple skill sets, some of the ways to generate the skill set are also mentioned.


There has been an enormous increase in the record of Legal outsourcing since Covid-19. Legal outsourcing also known as LPO (Legal Process outsourcing) is a way through which a Law firm outsources its work to other countries. A US IPR attorney charges 400-700 dollars an hour which can be done in less than 50 dollars from an attorney based in India.

Corporate houses from developed countries like the USA, UK, Europe outsource their legal compliances to nations that are less costly compared to them Thus by outsourcing the legal work, these corporate giants save tremendous costs that may have been going through on legal work. Also, U.S.-based lawyers offshore their work through freelancing as paralegals to get their job done which they find feasible and efficient.

  1. Technology law

For starters, Technology law has a lot wider scope and it’s increasing with the increase in technologies apart from creating online platforms, blogs writing, brand profiling, or a website for the firm to attract potential clientsone may get surprised as there are a lot more to it

  • Internet contract and documents:

While Surfing through a website you probably have noticed internet-related services such as Terms and Conditions, privacy, and information-related policies to protect user data. There are also advertisement guidelines and the most important the service level agreement to set the right deliverables for the transaction.

  • Regulatory work

Accepting money online may seem like the most effortless work but do you know there are norms and regulation processes that must be carried on through compliances to make it work. For eg there are card network regulationsthat must be abidingby to ensure security. AML (Anti Money Laundering) law regulation target and many more thus the merchants have to go through many hurdles by adhering to many laws.

  • Jurisdictional work.

So let’s say you have uploaded a wonderfulpiece of art on yourInstagram account and on one fine day you saw the same piece of work in somebody’s else’s account who happen to be using it for monitory purpose, then where should you approach or where will the website be sued, what is the jurisdiction.Apart from social media,some websites and apps owners need efficient lawyers because every technology giant would prefer to sue or be sued in the courts of the country of their choice.

  • Technology Contract

The term Technology contract in itself is more than a shelf of books. It can boil down to one of the following kind

  • Software License and ownership
  • IT  Professional service agreement
  • Cloud service agreement
  • Combination agreement
  1. Intellectual Property Law

 Freelancing websites are flooded with IPR related work. There is Indian based lawyer who has earned more than 70 lack.[1]A Baroda-based paralegal has earned 30,000 USD[2] (links in the bio)

  • Filling of Copyright and trademark- These are some of the easiest ways to earn money through Freelancing work. It’s a simple procedure where assisting a client to upload their novel piece of art by paying a certain sum of money in  (copyright) and same goes with trademark, one has to mention their details with the unique mark and the class of goods under which their products fall. The catch is that people want professional agents or lawyers to do such work tedious work.
  • Trademark search and copyright search- Searching trademark through the portals of USPTO or Indian IPR portal requires only a handful of skill set one can easily learn through YouTube or free courses from Udemy or Coursera
  • Patent search and application drafting- This field of work require a piece of technical knowledge and sound drafting experience which can only be done by a professional. As a result, the income in drafting patent applications ranges from 35k to 70k at an average in India.
  1. Block chain lawyers

We allare aware of Cryptocurrency but whether it is a currency or commodity is still vague. Although it has been more than 10 years since the introduction of blockchain in the market in the recent years this industry has spread like a wildfire from Tesla to fortune 500 everyone seems interested to use such advanced tech. For Example – If a person invested Rs 100 in 2011 then he could buy 5 stocks and as of April 2021 1bitcoin equal to 44lakh,times 5 will be 2 Croce 10 lack approximately would his earning. Just because blockchain is immutable,unhackable, secure, and the most important which makes it unique is that it is a technology.

One of the Blockchain-based enterprises Ethereum Alliance formed a Legal industry  Working group. The only objective is to educate the legal industry about the benefit of blockchaintechnology and the standardization of Ethereum enabled technology.

Global financial companies like IBM have started using Blockchain to conduct their business and they are expecting their lawyers to apply their knowledge as to what laws can apply on blockchain and how these will get enforced. Although there is much to learn to both client and lawyer as to get the best possible solution for their business. But there is work done but only with the help of ahighly skilled blockchain coder :

  • Smart contract
  • Block chain patent
  • Taxation

According to a study done inthe USA, Tax attorneys reported being the most satisfied with their jobs compared to all other areas. Taxation is also one of the most dynamic fieldswhich are also going through an exponential change by the introduction of the faceless online assessment which has ended earning of corrupted officers who exploit businessmen threatening them to seize their business by using their power. Therefore, now the mode of litigation has shifted online which saves time and lawyers can do the same work from home without going to the income tax office or GST offices.

Although it takes years to get taxation-related litigation work most of the clients you will be dealing with are a businessman and there are a lacks and crores of money on the stake. Thus, when the stakes are too high they want the best lawyer possible to get the least penalty or whatever the case maybe. However,there are monthly compliances such as Gstr 3b, Gst 1 which can be mastered and can be done and filed on the GST portal.

One can easily work from home having required skill sets which can be learned by diploma courses given below.

  • ACCA Globa
  • GultiInstitue of Finance and Taxation (GIFT) Thiruvantha-Puram, kerela
  • Institute of International Trade&Tax Studies (IITT)Chennai:
  • Institute of Professional Accountants (IPA), Delhi
  • Taxation Programs offered by KPMG India through NIIT Imperia



By Saransh Srivastava

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